YumpeeCMS is an Open Source Content Management and Application Development framework. Build website, build applications, get creative with YumpeeCMS

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What exactly can you do with YumpeeCMS

Build from simple to high performance applications within a short period of time

Build Elegant Web Applications

Blogs , Classified Ads, E-Commerce, Work Flow, Social Network applications and more.

Resource Access Managements

Tools to manage files, users and different kinds of electronic records access.

Host / Connect to Web services

Host or Connect to payment gateways and web services. Support for OAuth 2 & HTTP authentications

Templates to applications

Easily and quickly convert HTML, Bootstrap templates to full applications with a CMS Manager.

Download premium templates from Marketplace

Get started with free and affordable premium templates already YumpeeCMS ready. Blogs, E-commerce, Classified Ads and work flow extensions ready.

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User Guide Documentation

Introduction to YumpeeCMS

Uploading an Image to your upload directory

Publishing Articles

Learn how to publish web pages and blog articles with YumpeeCMS


Learn about the important settings when putting together your YumpeeCMS application

Managing HTML BLocks

Learn how to manage blocks of information and their placement on web pages

Working with Forms

Lear how to build forms and save the data received from the forms

Theme Customization and more

Learn about converting Bootstrap and HTML templates to YumpeeCMS

Full Documentation

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Training and Certification

System Administrator

Learn how to setup and administer a fully functional YumpeeCMS website.

Application Developer

Learn how to build web based applications using Twig / Javascripts in YumpeeCMS.

System Engineer

Learn the structure and the internal flows and design of the YumpeeCMS architecture.

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