What's New

What's New

28th February: Yumpee CMS now has basic form integration that can be published as part of an article. Also added, Registration forms and Login forms.

Other Additions to the platform
- Multiple menu profiles based on registered user roles.
- Ability to control who can view a particular page or article based on user role. This could be handy if you are looking at paid content access
- With Twig, you can design an upload any form into Yumpee CMS and choose in what format it can be rendered to the public

20th February : Twig Templates Integration has been completed for Yumpee CMS. A huge milestone in the flexibility of the Platform.This feature makes it possible to integrate any kind of template into Yumpee CMS whilst keeping the internal engine protected from 'illegal' coding. At any point in time, you can switch back to using the original templates.

1st February : Multiple Menu Profiles now available on Yumpee CMS. Display different menus depending on the page a user is on. Application could involve having different menu contents for different departments of an organisation or different languages of the same website content. Combining the different CSS style profiles means endless possibilities with a Website Content Management System like Yumpee CMS

31st Jan 2018 : Added ability to define multiple CSS profile to web pages. This means you can have one or more pages looking different from the rest

29th Jan 2018 : Added ability to render your page either across the screen or in a box format.

26th Jan 2018: Implemented the Carousel functionality in Yumpee CMS. Carousel can now be loaded into any part of a Yumpee Website.

24th Jan 2018: Custom CSS styling can now be added to the current theme through the Admin section

23rd Jan 2018 : 
- Setting to auto-approve responses on an article
- Setting to turn on/off header and footer contents from the Admin section based on themes.

17th Jan 2018 : Added two new themes to the themes database namely - Personal Blog and Bona

15th Jan 2018 : Added the ability to render a featured video for a Vlog article.

5th Jan 2018 : Added a new theme to Yumpee CMS - Business Blog Template

3rd Jan 2018 : Added the ability to manage how much records are displayed when a widget is included on a particular Page template.

2nd Jan 2018 : Added the ability to include custom widgets within the web page. Should carter for related data inclusions without having to fiddle around with core Yumpee CMS codes.

Added configuration for time formats in the Settings page. Added SMTP Integration and ability to sort records in the Admin section.

29th Dec 2017 : Added pagination of list items. You can set your page size in the Systems Settings. Updated comments on articles and encoded messages to prevent from XSS attacks.

Added breadcrumbs functionality with the ability to turn on or off from the Systems Settings.

28th Dec 2017 : Choose your date format in Yumpee CMS settings. Customise your own error 404 page for when a page does not exist. And fixed the bug with Archives widget. Introduced a new route for routes namely tags/archives to display articles in Archives.

27th Dec 2017 : You can now set Website name and Slogan in the place of a website logo if you choose to.

The header view files now contains only object references to header information. No direct access to Yii objects required which means this is also ready for Twig templating. Looking forward to writing a twig template option for Yumpee CMS

25th Dec 2017 : Finished Authors directory and Articles by Author functionality. You can now click on Authors to see the list of Blog articles they have written.

21st Dec 2017 : Themes folder structure for those who are keen on integrating their themes into Yumpee CMS.

themes folder
|-----any other folders your theme will need