Case Study

Case Study

While there are different ways thay YumpeeCMS can be used, the list belows gives an overview of ready to use extensions available and how they could apply in your personal or business projects.


Personal / Business Website Development

If you are thinking of building personal or business websites to showcase information about what you do, YumpeeCMS provides off the shelf tools to help you achieve this. With multiple templates to choose from, you will be able to get the right tool to help with your project. If you on the other hand will like to be more creative, you also have the tools to do so.


Blog Website Development

YumpeeCMS provides the tools to build a blog-based sites. You are able to organize your articles in an excellent way to help your readers navigate your site easily.


Classified Ads Portal

With YumpeeCMS, you are able to create very easily your own Classified Ads portal. With classified ads, you are able to create different classes of users within your marketplace portal. Visitors or users within your portal are able to view and contact other users within your Ads community.


Business Process Management System

YumpeeCMS provides you with the tool to create your own custom Business Process Management application. A BPM application is used to manage a contractual process between two users. The system manages the transactions and communications between these users to ensure visibility and historical records of the process.


E-commerce Applications

With YumpeeCMS, you have the tools to create an E-commerce application. In YumpeeCMS, an E-commerce solution will be an extension of your classified ads with the provision of Payment Services, Inventory management and subscription based features.

Custom Application Development

YumpeeCMS provides you with the tools to create and build your own web-based applications. These applications could include

  • HR Management Systems
  • CRM applications
  • Educational Management Systems
  • Inventory and Financial management systems