1. Why is my articles not displaying on the Sidebar?

Ensure that each article you wish to display in the Sidebar is attached to at least one Blog Index page

2. Why can't I upload my images successfully

Ensure your uploads directory is writeable by the webserver owner

3. How do I change the content of my 404 (page does not exist) Page

You can change the default content by updating the themes/[current_theme]/standard/error.php content. If this file does not exist, then create it.

4. Why doesn't a comment display on the Blog

Whilst a comment may be entered by non-logged in user, the system will not display comments of non-registered users of the system. To ensure that only logged in user can comment on the system, set the comment widget to require login.

5. How can I turn debug on my website

To be able to view the cause of an error message that may not be apparent, ensure that you edit the following files with the IP address of your source machine. Modify the value of the allowedIPs value accordingly.


6. Why can't my installation send out emails

In your common/config/main-local.php ensure your useFileTransport is set to false to send out real emails.

'useFileTransport' => false,