How to customise Yumpee CMS theme

Web Administrator February 14, 2018

Customise your Yumpee CMS theme with these few tricks

To customise a new theme for your Yumpee CMS use the following steps

1. Create a new theme profile in System->Themes. Enter also information about your CSS and the Javascripts in the respective fields. When your theme is referenced, Yumpee will call on this resource

2. Enter the name of the folder which must match the folder name under your frontend/themes folder of your Yumpee Installation

3. See below your theme's folder structure.

themes folder
|-----any other folders your theme will need

4. The views and the widgets folder can be copied from default2018 theme folder and modified accordingly to reflect your new theme

5. To see your theme in action, change the current theme setting in System->Settings.