Extending your application

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YumpeeCMS provides the ability to extend most functionality of the framework. This means you will be able to override the way some components function in YumpeeCMS without having to tamper with the core code. You also have the ability to build in your own functionality without tampering with the core application. This makes YumpeeCMS very scable and robust in its features.


While extension of the default installation discussion is beyond the scope of this Guide, an overview of what is feasible within the YumpeeCMS framework is discussed in the following sections.


An Introduction to Twig

In YumpeeCMS, Twig is the template language used for writing extensions scripts. When a page or a template is called, the sytem checks to see if there is any available Twig script overriding the functionality of the called object. If there is, then the Twig script is executed accordingly.

Extension scripting is done from the Extensions menu.


  • Widgets : The widgets submenu is where all the system widgets can be overriden

  • Views : The views submenu is where all the Standard views or rendering programs can be overriden

  • Forms : This submenu contains more submenus for management of scripts used in adding custom forms and applications within the YumpeeCMS framework.



Extending Articles

In YumpeeCMS, you are able to extend an article form to create your own form. To create an article form, take the following steps

  • Create a form by going to Web-> Forms and select the form type Article

  • Create a page and select the Form template to be Form Page and also set the 'Select Form' field to be the form created in the previous step

  • Add the HTML of the form to extend article in Extensions->Forms->Post


Extending widgets

In YumpeeCMS, extending widgets makes it possible to override an existing widget or even extend its functionality. Widgets can be extended using Twig scripts. When existing widgets are overriden, it means that YumpeeCMS will send the data to the Twig script and the script will determine how the data is presented to the web page. To extend an existing widget, go to Extensions->Widgets, click on the Twig icon and write the scripts to extend the widget.