Images and Galleries

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Uploading an Image to your upload directory

YumpeeCMS provides the ability to upload images or documents through different means. Before a successful upload can be made ensure that the web server has the write permissions to the upload directory. For more information on the upload directory refer to Introduction to YumpeeCMS

This section addresses the different options for uploading images to the upload directory.


Uploading through the Media Uploader

To upload through the Media Uploader go to Blogs → Media , click on the Add Files button and upload the desired image or document.

Once the file(s) have been uploaded you will be able to view the uploaded file(s) in the View Library tab.

When you click on the Details link on each tab, you will be able to view the download URL that can be used anywhere in your application.


Uploading through the Editor

Files may also be uploaded when an editor is been used to. An example is when writing an article.


How to create and deploy galleries

With YumpeeCMS, you are able to group a set of images into a gallery. This gallery may now be included on the web page using the gallery widget. This section shows how images can be added to a gallery and displayed on a web page.

To create a Gallery, go to Web->Gallery and fill in the information to create one.

  • Once the Gallery has been created, it should display in the list of galleries below the form.

  • Click on the edit icon .

  • Click on the Click to Add New Media link to add images to this gallery

Once all the images have been added, to display the gallery anywhere on the web page, use the shortcode format.


Working with Image Sliders and Carousels

YumpeeCMS has the ability of creating carousels or image sliders. These are a group of images that are presented in a container and displayed in slides. This could be automatically or manually by using a 'Next' or 'Previous' button.

  • To create a slider, go to Web ->Slider to create a new slider

  • Fill the slider page and select the applicable information

  • Once saved, click on the Edit icon and click on the Add Image to Slide to include the images you will want to be part of the slide

  • Save the information