Working with Forms

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What is a form in YumpeeCMS

A form in YumpeeCMS is a component that is used to collect input data from the website user. There are different types of forms in YumpeeCMS. They mainly include

  • Contact Form

  • Feedback Form

  • Forgot Password Form

  • Registration Form

  • Login Form

  • Custom Form


Contact Form

The contact form is used to get information from visitors to the website who may not be registered to the system. Usually basic information about the visitor is collected through the contact form. The information collected from the visitor can either be mailed to a designated address set up in the System->Settings administrative page.


To configure a page as a contact us Page,


Feedback Form

In YumpeeCMS, you have the ability to add a feedback form to an article type page. This means that users have the option of responding to an article read. YumpeeCMS allows you to also define what the feedback form will be. Note that there is a difference between comments on an article and feedback. While comments are automatically made available with the installation of the system, feedbacks will need to be configured accordingly.


To configure a feedback, use the following steps


Forgot Password

The forgot password form is used to enable a previously registered user to the system reset their password or regain access into the system.

After creating the Forgot Password page, visit the web page to view the Forgot Password page.


Registration Form

A registration form is a form that is used to admit new users into the system. There are two main ways a new user can be registered into the system.

  • Using the System->Users administrative page

  • User can self register if a registration page is made available to them

To create a registration page for new users, create a new Page and set the page template to be “Registration”


Login Form

The login form is used to grant access to registered users into the system. When logged into the website users may be granted some privileges. To create a login page with a login form, create a new page with the template type “Login”


Custom Form

In YumpeeCMS, custom forms help make a very dynamic website. With custom forms, you are able to collect additional information where no existing feedback form or defaults are insufficient. With YumpeeCMS data collected through custom forms could either be forwarded to an email address or just stored in the database for future access.

The following steps show how you can use YumpeeCMS to create custom forms and collect the data.